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Robin Cox wins fastest workshop-to-publication prize!

Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m., Royal Roads professor Robin Cox arrived at an Informed Opinions workshop organized by the University of Victoria’s  Academic Women’s Caucus. By the time she left the session eight hours later, Robin had articulated her central … Continue reading

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Prisoner advocate, Informed Ops grad makes front page

Kim Pate has been a vocal and compelling advocate for prisoners and prison reform for almost three decades. She didn’t need to attend an Informed Opinions workshop to appreciate the value of speaking to and through the media. But the … Continue reading

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10 minutes to more readable writing

An avid reader with too much pride to ever have invested in the Coles Notes of anything, I nevertheless appreciate it when someone smart effectively encapsulates the essentials of a course, degree or philosophy in a 1,000-word treatise. So I … Continue reading

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Blue Monday a bad example of scholarly contribution

Is it a measure of the fact that I’ve been a largely self-employed freelancer for most of my career that I’d never heard of so-called Blue Monday until today? This morning — before having read the Lifestyle section of the … Continue reading

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Media slut or community-minded public intellectual?

Media slut — the term probably brings to mind the ubiquitous Paris Hilton of a few years ago, which perhaps explains why it’s an insult feared by tenure-track seeking scholars who want their academic credentials taken seriously. Nothing undercuts that … Continue reading

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Great ledes are a necessary if insufficient condition

Is it possible to write a brilliant op ed if you can’t write a grab ‘em by the throat lede? (“lede” being journalism jargon for your first sentence or paragraph, the origins of which were designed to distinguish “leading sentence” from … Continue reading

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