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Unpacking the gaps in Vote Compass

When Lloyd Robertson used to intone at the end of every CTV nightly newscast, “And that’s the kind of day it’s been, here at CTV news,” I always wished he would add, “because, based on the dozens of stories we … Continue reading

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Gut-spilling and the value of sober second thought

There’s nothing like the inspiration of anger to fuel a frenzy of word-spilling; fury is a page-filler, tried and true. But emotional momentum only takes you so far. The synapses that fire when you’re worked up and spewing guts aren’t … Continue reading

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Feel-good feedback no substitute for good editing advice

The dilemma is often an unconscious one: you’ve laboured over the text of your commentary (or letter, or website) and now you’re looking for feedback: do you send it to your mom? Your best friend? Your assistant? The people who … Continue reading

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Canadian election: Desperately seeking informed opinions

The writ hasn’t even dropped yet and already I’m incensed at election commentary and political claims that in no way qualify as “informed opinions”. A few samples: Conservative House Leader John Baird in Question Period yesterday claiming that a majority … Continue reading

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Women seek impact over profile, study finds

A new study out of Princeton University confirms a trend that Informed Opinions has observed anecdotally: women with the capacity to lead are often more inclined to seek opportunities to do so in areas where they can make the most … Continue reading

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Academica expands reach of Women in Science op ed

Claire Cupples may be a distinguished microbiologist, and the Dean of Science at SFU, but she’s also a great student. Last Tuesday she participated in an Informed Opinions workshop at Simon Fraser University, and within 24 hours of being encouraged … Continue reading

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Op ed delivers radio profile, SRO attendance and new partnership

Any good political organizer knows that it’s always better to have a standing-room-only crowd in a small room than a sparse audience in a half-empty big one. Fortunately for Informed Opinions, some great media profile turned our public lecture and … Continue reading

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Is BC’s new premier a critical tipping point?

That’s the question that Nancy Peckford, Equal Voice executive director and Informed Opinions grad, asked in a lively piece published on the Globe and Mail‘s online commentary hub the day before International Women’s Day. When Christy Clark was elected leader … Continue reading

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Putting bums in seats… with the help of the op ed pages

An organization’s upcoming event is rarely sufficiently newsworthy on its own to convince a comment page editor to make space in the paper for a promotional piece, but when you can hook an op ed to a current issue and … Continue reading

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The Top 7 Reasons Smart Women Should Speak Up

… is the catchy title* of a public presentation Informed Opinions will be making in Vancouver on the eve of International Women’s Day, Monday, March 7th. Simon Fraser University is sponsoring both the lecture and two days of workshops – … Continue reading

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