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Recognized expert on speed dial for breaking story

 It’s the ideal scenario for a would-be commentator: to become so strongly identified with the issue you’re most knowledgeable and passionate about that when a news story about the topic breaks, you’re the first person that editors, producers and reporters … Continue reading

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Media exposure boosts classroom cred

Television’s day may be waning, but it served me well in the late 1990s – both generating attention to issues I cared about, and enhancing my status among the students I taught. Hired to teach writing and presentation skills to … Continue reading

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Commentary advice for scholars from Terry Milewski

Scholars accustomed to sharing evidence-based analysis grounded in research and purporting to be fact sometimes express discomfort with the idea of expressing the kind of strong opinion favoured by op ed page editors. They might benefit from the example offered … Continue reading

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Christine Lagarde: role model for millions*

I think I have a crush… Christine Lagarde is my new favourite role model. She’s a smart, hard working, bilingual, vegetarian, feminist lawyer who enjoys men and yoga, demonstrates an impeccable sense of style, and laughs readily while holding down … Continue reading

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