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On Laura Secord, long skirts and women’s history

My mother grew up a Secord near Niagara-on-the-Lake, so I pay attention when someone slags my famous ancestor, and the story makes headlines. When it happened last week I took the advice doled out by screenwriter Nora Ephron’s mother (“it’s … Continue reading

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Newfoundland premier on the need for women’s perspectives

Life impacts differently on women than it does men. And you need to understand that experience when you are developing policies and programs that directly impact the lives of men and women. So said Kathy Dunderdale, recently elected Premier of Newfoundland in … Continue reading

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The value of interviews

Hanging out with someone who hasn’t been drinking your kool-aid is a useful thing to do, every now and again. Being asked questions that encourage you to articulate and defend the principles you hold dear forces you to get clearer … Continue reading

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Women in combat picture speaks a thousand words

Last week the National Post ran a story about the role of women in combat positions in Afghanistan. It was accompanied by a truly arresting photograph — one that contained no bloodshed, guns or evidence of violence*. I find the … Continue reading

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