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Anne Marie Hubert a true “Champion of Women”

All we can say is: she deserves it! Informed Opinions salutes Honorary Patron, Anne Marie Hubert, Managing Partner, Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, for her selection as one of three Champions of Women in Business leaders chosen by Catalyst … Continue reading

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1812 heroine inspires Canadian women to speak up in 2012

Laura Secord descendant says iconic role model “more relevant than ever” For immediate release: They say you can’t pick your relatives. But even if women’s advocate, Shari Graydon had been able to choose, she couldn’t have improved upon the iconic heroine … Continue reading

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Getting to “yes”

  “I’m happy to try to help you.” These are the words I’m now recommending women train themselves to utter when reached by a journalist looking for context to a story. Although the default response for many remains “I’m not … Continue reading

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What academic disciplines are most in-demand by journalists?

What kinds of experts do journalists turn to most often? Last week in an effort to answer that question, Informed Opinions emailed several hundred editors, producers, hosts, columnists and reporters. Looking to make our experts database more useful – and … Continue reading

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