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Expert status less important than insightful context

I have no legal training or experience in the sex trade. No one would ever mistake me as a candidate for the corner office of a large corporation. I am not a celebrity and have never been pregnant. And yet … Continue reading

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Media exposure creates ripples of influence

There’s no predicting what impact your media intervention might have, but here are a couple of recent examples of the ripples created by published op eds… ****** Two days after Kathleen Wynn was elected leader of the Ontario Liberal party, … Continue reading

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Citizen commissions comment from IO grad

Whatever your feelings about last week’s election outcome, the increase in the number of women holding seats is a step in the right direction. Nancy Peckford, Executive Director of Equal Voice provided some context to this aspect of the results … Continue reading

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Is BC’s new premier a critical tipping point?

That’s the question that Nancy Peckford, Equal Voice executive director and Informed Opinions grad, asked in a lively piece published on the Globe and Mail‘s online commentary hub the day before International Women’s Day. When Christy Clark was elected leader … Continue reading

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